Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ LonG TiME No SeE!~

SALAM everybody!

Lama x update blog ni..Since ibu still not feeling well..nothing much to story about :). Me, as usual do my own things..makan, main, watch cartoons, buat perangai and such..hehe..

Owh..last week after balik from KB kt my inner upper lip ada ulcer...ouch...forgot to tell ibu abt that..nk makan pon i refused to eat n only drink milk and had biscuits...I made ibu worried..she discovered that i had ulcer n bring me to see Dr. Jameaton. She's a very friendly doctor and i liked her :). She prescribed a gel for the ulcer and after a few rubs..ulcer's gone!

Now, i slowly eating as usual..hehe..

Did i tell u that ibu and me balik KB for Che Su's merisik ceremony? Hmm..i was thrilled to go back to to Ayoh's hse...can meet so may people there and i can walk all day here and there!!..hehe.

Che Su is ibu's youngest sister and she's getting married already! Hmm..i bet i will have new friends to play later on..hehehe..besides my own brother/sister..

Speaking of brother/sister, ibu is 13 weeks pregnant!! She's getting better but still not as energetic as before..Sometimes she refused to carry me around!!..Hmm..i miss ibu when she's not pregnant coz she likes to play with me under the porch after she came back from work..

Anyway, when i'm thinking of getting new playmate, i have to gave in...:)..I know ibu is weak and tired coz she's carrying a person in her tummy...Can't wait to see my mate!

*pics - credit to ayoh man...:)*